**NOVELLA** The Amanda Scott Series: The Macaroni Princess

Image of **NOVELLA** The Amanda Scott Series:  The Macaroni Princess



Amanda Scott is a shrew mousie with an abundance of energy, and a penchant for sitting in pockets of all sizes. Join in on the adventure as Amanda and her dog brother, Ken Dog, explore the world they live in and make friends along the way. During the course of their day, the maniacal duo encounter fricky snails, garbage pails, and sending mails (through the post office, of course). How will it end? Who is The Macaroni Princess? Only Amanda knows, and she's ready to share it with you.

Grab the first edition paperback novella, written by Jessica Napkin and edited by Heather Bliss. Jessica Napkin is a Humboldt local author, and Heather Bliss resides in Colorado as a writer and editor. The novella cover art was done by David Buck, a San Diego local artist and musician.